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Robot 2.0 vs Bahubali 2

Robot 2.0 vs Bahubali 2! The Exact Comparision

In the year 2018, some many films are going to be released if we talk about the year 2017 there most awaited film was Bahubali 2. In the same way here Akshay Kumar and Rajnikant film Robot 2.0 is the most awaited film in 2018 and this film is going to break down the records of Bahubhali 2.

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The filmmaker S.Shankar and actors Akshay Kumar, Rajnikant and Amy Jackson have done the good performance to break down the records of Bahubali 2.


If we talk about the budget of these two films there is a huge difference. According to Wikipedia the total estimated budget for Bahubhali 2 was 2.5 billion that is 250 crore only but here the total estimated budget of the film is 535 crore. Around 285 crore is a difference or we can say double. if we invest this much money then we can make two film-like Bahubhali 2 Now you can Imagine now How much the film is going to Hit.


All the film in the Bollywood film industries they are first shotted at 2D and later on change it to 3D with the help of Computer Graphics. In the same way, Bahubhali 2 was also first shotted on 2D and converted to 3D with the help of Computer graphics but  Robot 2.o is just opposite it has followed the Hollywood film Industries. In the Hollywood film, they directly shoot the film in 3D with help of 3D Cameras and 3D Glasses This film is the first film which was directly shot on 3D in the Bollywood Industries it creates history in Bollywood film Industries.

Dubbing Languages

Basically, these two films are shooted on Tamil Languages and later all dubbed into another language. The Bhaubhali film was dubbed into 5 different languages but the Robot 2.0 was going to dubbed into 15 different languages which you can Imagine add of 10 languages means how much the filmmakers have prepared to break the record of Bahubhali 2.

Satellite and Hindi theatrical Rights

The price for Satellite of Bahubhali film was around 78 crore where robot 2.0 is 110 crore. all about there 32 crore difference here Robot 2.0 have already beat Bhahubali 2 film and if we talk about Hindi theatrical Rights for Bahubhali film was 50 crores whereas Robot 2.0 is 80 crores here also Robot 2.o have beat Bahubhali 2. Around total about 62 crore difference this is one clue which can prove Robot 2.o can beat Bahubhali 2.


In the Bhahubhali film, the actors are from South Prabhas, Anushka Shetty and they fans are only attracted from south maximum although this movie hit on the years 2017 in the same way Robot 2.0 film actors were from South film Industries, Bollywood Industries and Amy Jackson from British. Basically, the main point is this film has covered around almost all area fans from South Film Industry and Bollywood Film Industries etc There is a high chance of Robot 2.0 not hit it will super hit movie of the years 2018.

Box Office

The total revenue of Bhaubhali 2 was about 1,796.59 crore which is near to 1800 crores. According to the filmmaker, S.Shankar Robot 2.0 can make about 2500 crores target and I hope so this fil can score 2500 crores.

Final Words

As I have cleared all fil about Bhahubhlai 2 and Robot 2.0 and I am sure this time Robot 2.0 is going to break all the records of Box office.

What you think can Robot 2.0 can break Bahubhali 2?

Don’t forget to answer this question in the comment box.

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Updated: November 8, 2018 — 3:22 pm
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