Robot 2 Full Movie Download HD

Hindi Dubbed Free[Direct+Torrent link]

Robot 2 Full Movie Download HD- Hindi Dubbed Free[Direct+Torrent link]

Robot 2 Full Movie Download HD- Hindi Dubbed Free[Direct+torrent link]

Robot 2 full movie downlod in HD

Before release Robot 2.0 it has broken all the records of Film Production and I hope after release it would also break all the Box Office. This film is also called Megha budget of India and Asia 2nd largest Flim. This film is the 2nd part of Robot film of 2010 as it is the 2nd part it names must be Robot 2 but due to some legal Issue, the film name is Robot 2.0.

History of any Bollywood film all films are first shotted on 2D and with the help of Computer Graphics film is Converted to 3D but here in this film is the first film which is directly shotted on 3D with the help of 3D Cameras and 3D Glasses just like Hollywood Films there also Films are directly shooted on 3D.

According to Wikipedia Bahu Bali Film all around two-part budget was 430 Crores but here this film the total budget is 543 Crore which is the very high amount and Bollywood No. 1 Expensive Film.

Akshay Kumar has played a Scientist Doctor while doing his experiment he converted to dangerous Crow Man. The total Expenditure of Akshay Kumar Make up was around 4-5 Crores wherever with this budget of 4-5 Crore Bollywood Film like Vicky Donar, Paan Singh Tomar etc film is made with the total budget of 4-5 Crore you can Imagine now how much money is Investing on this film. Robot 2.0 is the first film for Akshay Kumar for playing Tamil dubbed.

Before Selecting Akshay Kumar for Scientific Doctor role the filmmaker is selecting Kamal Hasan, Vikram, Rithik Roshan, Neil Neil Mukesh, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger has fitted for this role but his demands for 30 Days is about 100 Crore due to the high amount of charge of Arnold Schwarzenegger the filmmaker select Akshay Kumar for Scientific Doctor role.

robot 2.0 full movie download

robot 2.0 full movie download

In the same way, Rajnikant health is also not good Instead of Rajnikanth the filmmaker decided to select Aamir Khan but Aamir Khan rejected them purpose and say the word which is true “If I Imagine this role then only I remember Rajni Sir”. at last, they select again Rajnikant in robot 2.

The total expenditure for their music launch event was around 15 Crore which is a very high amount with this amount a Bollywood movie like Hate Story, Tanu Weds Manu, Aashiqui 2.

This film is the first film which is going to release in 15 different languages whereas the Bahubali film is released only in 4 languages. During the shooting of the film where no one is allowed to bring Cell Phones.

and any kind of Storage Devices even the actors also cannot bring even they are not allowed to discuss the fils story and actor role too this is applied because the Akshay Crow Man Photo is leaked on the Social Media. Along with Akshay, Rajnikant, Amy Jackson she is British actress and model she has played female humanoid Robot.

robot 2.0 full movie download

robot 2.0 full movie download

The Income of Robot 2.0 film have already about 190 crores by selling the Satellite Rights 110 Crores and Hindi theatrical rights 80 crores. The is the highest amount which is paid till now for the satellite rights even it brakes the Bahu Bhali record is only about 128 Crore.

In this film, Rajnikant played 5 different roles they are 1st is a robot, 2nd is Scientist, 3rd, and 4th is 2 boniblog, 5th is a villain. whereas Akshay Kumar has also broken the record of Rajnikant he has to play 12 roles the roles are not officially announced.

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Akshay Kumar has to come first in the set because for his total makeup it consumes around 5-6 hours. There is altogether 5 tracks sound but in the film, we can see only one song that is Rakshasi. The official Custome designer is Marve Yovgt she has designed custom for Hollywood films like Man in black, Bat Man and the famous Tamil film I film.

Robot 2.0 Reviews

Rajnikant told about this film, “This film VFX will match with Hollywood Standard ” which is true because in this film filmmakers have spent about 534 Crore and they have already earned about 190 Crores through Satellites rights and they have spent more than 15 Crores for only Music Launch event which was totally awesome.

Whereas Akshay Kumar told this film, “This film will create a history in Bollywood film Industries.” this is also true because for Akshay Kumar Makeup only filmmakers spend 4-5 Crores with this budget we can even make a film like Vicky Donar, Paan Singh Tomar etc. and for Akshay Kumar Makeup it consumes around 5 – 6 hours time you can Imagine now How the film will be.

Robot 2 download

A.R Rahaman the famous Indian Music Director told about this film, “This Film is unique for India and the World. ” which is also true because this movie is the first movies which are releasing on 15 different languages. In this film, the music is given by A.R Rahaman.

When will Robot 2.0 will release?

Every Body around India and many countries peoples are waiting when the film will be released after watching the trailers their minds also changed the person who never gone for theater are also ready to watch the film in the theaters. the final release date of Robot 2.0 film according to the is on 29 November 2018 which is very near the movie’s ticket are already started booking before the release of the film and I hope this film will break all the Box Office. So don’t miss this film.

robot 2.0 full movie download

robot 2.0 full movie download

Is Robot 2.0 movie is Bollywood or Hollywood?

Yes, Robot 2.0 movie is Bollywood movies and all the actors are also from India except Amy Jackson she is from British and she has played female humanoid Robot role in the film. But Don’t worry this film is going to release around 15 different languages which are totally awesome and I hope this time no one is going to miss this movie.

Advantages of watching robot 2.0

There are lots of advantages behind watching this film if we talk about the film Robot(2010) where we can see the Robot is fall in love with a girl and there are also lots of Comedy Science and Fight Scenes but in this film, this will comes with an extra advanced which are mentioned below:

  • In this film, we can see Rajnikant 5 roles which are Interesting.
  • and another one Akshay Kumar has played 12 roles which is more Interesting.
  •  This film we can see the AI(Artificial Intelligence) what can do in real life.
  • We can gain more knowledge about Robots.
  • At last every film gives a moral and this film will also give so don’t forget to watch this movie.

Is robot 2.0 a Cartoon?

No, this film is not Cartoon. This film is fully packed with entertainment and fights, actions and even love stories, Believe me, this film is going to create a history in Bollywood Film Industries. In this film, no any cartoons roles or equipment were used.

How to watch robot 2.0 at home in 720p?

As I have mentioned up already The Filmmakers have already generated 190 Crores from selling Satellite rights. Basically, Satellite rights are the platform where they buy the right from filmmakers and stream live to the tv channels after some days of the release of the movie. if you can wait to watch this film then you can watch at home but if you want to watch the movie at home on the release date then I have mentioned below don’t forget to check out.

How to download robot 2.0 film in 720p in release date for free 2018?

Publishing movie to the Internet on the release date is illegal but we know rules are made for broken. Do you want to download the Robot 2.0 full movie in HD quality through your Smart Phone then follow the points mentioned below?

If you are from India country you might have listened all the movies downloading site have been banned in India only but don’t worry I am here with you for the guide.

Step- 1

Install the Vpn app provided Below:

After Installing this app where you can find the Free version and another one is VIP version but for here you can start with the free version where you have to choose the Singapore Country or what you want except India. If you are from out of India then you don’t need to Install this VPN app.

Step- 2

After changing the location visit to the link provided below:

Click Here

Note: the download link will be updated once the film is released, so bookmark our site and visit again when the film will be released.

Step- 3

after Clicking you will be redirected to movie downloading website there you can see the official Robot 2.0 film and blow there you can also see the “Watch Online” and “Download Now” option if you want to watch online then you can watch or you want to download then simply click on the download button.

Note- No need of torrent for downloading the movie.

Step- 4

After downloading the movie disconnect the VPN and Enjoy it dude the Robot 2.0 film.

Watch the Offical Trailer of Robot 2.0

Final Words

As I have cleared all How to download robot 2.0 film in release date for free 2018. just follow the simple steps and enjoy the film with your friends and with your family if you get any trouble while downloading then don’t forget to comment blow I will be the lucky person to help.

Please share with your Friends and Thanks for reading this article & giving your valuable time to our website.

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Robot 2 Full Movie Download HD- Hindi Dubbed Free[Direct+Torrent link]

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