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What is the release date of 2.0 (Robot 2)?

Release-date Robot 2.0 (enthiran two ) is The science fiction most awaited movie is As stated by the Kollywood resources,

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What is the release date of 2.0 (Robot 2)?

Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth’s Robot 2.0 film release date was rectified from Director Shankar since 25th January 2018. He refused the speculations of their very most anticipating movie that is to be published in the event of republic afternoon 29 November 2018.

robot 2 release date

robot 2 release date

Robot 2 Release date Confirmed: What is the release date of 2.0 (Robot 2)?
Breaking news:
Based on the latest reports, the manufacturers have finalized robot 2.0 trailer launch is unique gift star Rajinikanth birthday and his or her fans.
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-> Manager: S.S Shanker
-> Co-director: jeyamohan
-> Producer: Subaskaran allirajaiah
-> Productions: LYCA productions
-> Songs: A.r Rehman
-> Price Range: 450 crores
-> Releasing languages: Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi
-> Cinematography: Nirav Shah
-> Release date: 29 November 2018.
-> tag lines: The world is not only for human beings.
-> Genres: actions | science fiction | experience
-> Sequel: 2010 Tamil film Enthiran
-> storyline: At the near future, a scientist builds a robot called Chitti. Sequel of habit 1 ( ethiran ) picture
Rajini Kanth (vaashi karan,chitti), Akshay Kumar(as dr.rechard), Amy Jackson ,Sundansu pandey
The industrial achievement of Enthiran (2010) motivated the makers of this picture to instantly think about building a sequel. From March 2011, the first picture’s cinematographer, Rathnavelu, revealed that initial Pre Production perform with a sequel had begun together with precisely the Exact Same technical team
Shankar held initial discussions with Kamal Haasan, Aamir Khan, and afterward Vikram about portraying a More role, though none of these 3 celebrities signed on to appear in the film
Akshay began shooting for the film in Chennai at the Start of March 20-16 and participate in a program held at the EVP Movie City studio at Chennai. A set of a mobile phone shop was created on site, while night scenes involving robotic equipment and armed forces tanks had been canned. The team then transferred to Delhi to maintain a forty-five-day schedule, continuing from Precisely the Same scenes with military tanks that were taken in Chennai
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Ultimate stage:
Robo 2.0 film is Asia’s biggest project and a much-awaited movie with sky-high expectations.

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